TECNOCLAD Quality Policy LASER SOLUTIONS, involves a deep commitment of the entire organization to offer the best quality in products and services to our clients, guaranteeing the integrity within our organization. For this we constantly ensure: the quality of the processes, the health and safety of our workers, concern for the environment and respect for communities and environments.


As part of a process continuous improvement and compliance requirements, we are constantly assisting the execution of this policy through the following commitments:

1. Implement this policy ensuring that each collaborator understands, participates and takes as own the objectives and goals of it.

2. Train permanently to employees, contractors and subcontractors so that comply with the provisions of it.

3. Establish as a priority in all our contracts, the Integrated Management System (SGI), applying it in daily work through quality, safety and
Health, for our clients, workers, the environment and communities.

4. To watch periodically for compliance with customer, legal and applicable regulations, and those who submit voluntarily related to quality, safety, environment and community, which promote best practices in our organization.

5. Provide together with our client a safe, healthy and free workplace potential damages that can generate deterioration in the health of ouremployees, contractors and surrounding community.

6. Improve continuously the effectiveness of our SGI, in each of our products and services, preventing injuries, occupational diseases and contamination environment.

7. Support the community through activities or by contributing to institutions that they are for the benefit of their development.

8. Promotedetection and evaluation of contaminants that affect the health ofworkers, the community or the environment.