Hydraulics and Flow control

In hydraulic pumps, there are critical areas such as the outer hubs of impellers,  friction rings, drums, shirts, etc. that work under extreme conditions of wear and corrosion. Other components such as valves or hydraulic pistons share these problems.

Laser cladding is presented as the best option for generating coatings in critical areas with high-resistance materials that ensure a long useful life for this type of components. At TECNOCLAD we have extensive experience in this sector and we can advise you on the best options in each case.

  • Laser Cladding AISI 431
    Impeller Laser Cladding AISI 431
  • Laser Cladding Stellite 6
    Equilibrium drum Laser Cladding Stellite 6
  • LMD AISI 316L
    Blades LMD AISI 316L
  • Reparación Laser cladding In 625
    Pump shaft Reparación Laser cladding In 625
  • Impellers
  • Laser Cladding Ultimet
    Rings Laser Cladding Ultimet
  • Laser hardening (>50 HRC)
    Bearing Laser hardening (>50 HRC)